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The Best Metal Print Companies in 2021

Metal prints have been growing in popularity as a way to display art, photography, as well as amp up your home decor.  Similar to the more popular canvas prints or poster prints, metal prints are a different take on the same idea, but with a few distinct differences.  It’s these unique elements that has people searching for metal prints instead of the alternatives.

What’s Unique About Metal Prints?

Well, to state the obvious, metal prints are printed on metal.  Usually “brushed aluminum”, but some companies (such as Displated) opt for a stainless steel medium.

Brushed aluminum gives a special texture that can contribute (or detract from) the image/photo/painting on the metal.  As alternative options there are also “matte” finish which is a white/plain background.

Furthermore, there is a relatively new option called “HD Dye Sublimation”, which does more than just paint the surface of the metal.  Dye sublimation is how things like T-Shirts and other merchandise are printed, and it works with a special type of magic using heat treated metal combined with special dyes to actually absorb the dye into the metal.

This HD metal printing leads to both richer and deeper colors, but also insures a long lasting, museum quality print.

Where Can I Find the Best Metal Prints?

There are many metal print companies out there, but like most consumer goods, it can be hard to tell the quality providers from the mediocre ones.

Thankfully we’ve done the hard work, see below for our picks for the best metal prints company on the market today!

#1 – Pictorem

Pictorem is a panacea for all your printing needs, whether you are a homeowner looking to spruce up your new addition, or a professional photographer or artist who wants to print their work for display in a gallery or for sale online.

HINT: If you are indeed a professional artist looking to print their work, you should know that Pictorem offers an online marketplace where you can sell your work and get a cut.  Take advantage of it!

They also offer the HD Metal Printing that we discussed above.  They partner with a company called Chromaluxe, which doesn’t deal directly with consumers (but we are in luck that Pictorem deals when the directly).

Take a look at an example of the HD Print below:

A remarkable HD Metal Print from Pictorem. Photo Courtesy Pictorem.

It’s really quite amazing, the depth and quality of color.

Advantages of Pictorem

  • A wide range of printing options, they are really a one-stop shop for your art print needs.  Voted as one of the finest canvas print companies by many publications, their metal prints are actually better!
  • Pricing is extremely competitive, offering upwards of 40%+ off during their regular sales.  If you are waiting to strike on a deal, you probably won’t have to wait long.
  • All types of options, from basic metal prints on brushed aluminum, to epoxy coated prints (for an extra closs), even acrylic prints.  You will not have a shortage of options when going with Pictorem.

Disadvantages of Pictorem

  • We haven’t really found any.